Buttercream, Cupcake Truck Review (Philadelphia)


Before I start, this isn’t the only cupcake truck in Philadelphia. There is another one called Call Me Cupcake that I have yet to try.

I tried doing a joint review of Buttercream with Call Me Cupcake, however I went out to the Call Me Cupcake scheduled stops (I tried three different spots) and the truck was nowhere to be found in any of them. They didn’t update their information to let people know they wouldn’t be where they said they would and I wasted a few hours traveling all over Philadelphia, needless to say they won’t be getting any of my business.

The good news is, Buttercream is fabulous enough that I don’t need any other cupcake truck.

Buttercream has been around a little over a year now and has stops all over the city. Kate Carrara, the owner and “cupcake lady”, is very well-versed with Twitter and strives to keep in touch with her customers, letting them know of all stop changes, discounts, and even suggesting other food trucks that she enjoys.

You can find her schedule here, which is up to date and clear to where she will be. You can also find the twitter here for any updates.

And the cupcakes?

Delicious. I got a Cookies & Cream Cupcake, a chocolate cake with oreo buttercream and more chocolate topping. It’s considered one of the “Fancy” flavors, which cost $3, while the “Standard” cupcakes cost $2. I’ve also seen some experiment flavors for $1 (like the delicious orange and chocolate cupcake) and depending on the day, time, and weather, cupcakes may be discounted (keep up on twitter for that information).

Buttercream has a large list of flavors available daily, which is great for a truck, and also offers seasonal flavors. Occasionally they will have things like small pies available as well.

I highly recommend Buttercream if the truck is in your area (and with stops ranging from Eastern State Penitentiary to UPenn to Passyunk, I’m sure they will be in your area at some point), and even if you have to travel a little to get there, the cupcakes are worth it.