Woodland Bakery (Chatham, NJ)


Woodland Bakery is a small bakery in northern New Jersey that specializes in all kinds of treats but is especially known for their crumb buns. The owner, Gretchen, has her own youtube channel where she posts videos and tutorials on how to make tons of the things that she sells (I’ve already made the amazing key lime pie).

The crumb buns come in two flavors: plain and apple. They both boast incredible amounts of crumb which is stacked on top of a thin layer of bun. The apple version has a delicious layer of apples between bun and crumb.

Seriously, a lot of crumb, it’s a journey eating one of these. The crumb holds together tightly until you chomp down on it and it falls apart in your mouth in the best possible way, exploding with a vanilla, buttery flavor. The bun on the bottom is soft and bready and is literally a vessel for crumb.

Along with crumb buns, Woodland Bakery also offers cake pops which have a perfect frosting to cake ratio, they don’t fall apart but aren’t dry.

Cookie dough truffles are also a good choice for a small snack. Cupcakes come in a variety of flavors and frostings, but my personal favorite from the bakery was the lemon bar (which I didn’t get a picture of).

It has a shortbread crust and a thin layer of lemon topping and powdered sugar. The sweetness balances the tartness perfectly and the crust brings it all together. Thankfully, the recipe is on the Crumb Boss site so I’ll be making it soon enough.